Welcome To Fairyknowz - The home of the Poplins


Welcome to the website that allows you to adopt your very own Poplin from Leicestershire, England.

If you've stumbled across this website and don't know what a Poplin is check out the 'About Us' tab

Poplins are 'magical creatures' designed and made by us so you can own a toy as unique as you are!

Poplins love adventures and cuddles. The more you enjoy them, their stuffing will shift and even more unique they become.

A poplin is a friend for life but once you have one, you'll 'need' another....you have been warned :-)



What makes Poplins so special is their uniqueness...their personalities....their attention to detail......and the love that's put into making each one.

Their floppy arms and legs are great for cuddles and even better for dragging around. They have heart ears that are great for holding and a squishy belly for that special squeezy hug.

Click the Fairyknowz logo to find out which Poplins are up for adoption and looking for their forever homes.....


Fairyknowz is very proud to be working with the heart charity KEEPTHEBEAT, based in Leicestershire. To find out more about the charity, click here.


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