About Us

Ever wondered where the idea for Poplins came from?

At the start of October 2012 my youngest daughter broke her collar bone. Although she was brave she was in agonising pain and had to be kept as still as possible due to the nature of the break.A four year old, having to be still and in pain isn't a great combination.....in a bid to save her from her boredom as well as to take her mind off the pain we would play games and keep her talking. Along came that question that changed everything, along with the light bulb moment that swiftly followed.On asking what she liked about her favourite battered toy never came the answers I thought, what came was the stuffing had gone from her neck so it was easy to hold, that she was floppy and soft...of course that she smelt nice too!I couldn't wait for her to fall asleep quick enough, I'd already got the idea in my head and it was bursting out! In the hour or so that followed and before she woke crying, I frantically drew, cut, sewed and stuffed and a toy was born.By the time she'd woken I had finished it and already had a name for it....so the first Poplin was born.

Of course I never realsed how that moment would change my life or where it would take me, yes I have a degree in design and yes I knew about CE Marking but at that point I was a mum and that was it.The Poplin unlike most toys has;

*A small neck so it's easy to hold

*They have a face thats designed to use as a little pillow

*No stuffing in the tops or their arms and legs so they're incredibly floppy and great to use to drag around with

*The original Poplin design has heart shapped ears to remind you of the love they're made with as well as the love you adopted them with

*Each one is as unique as you are, I never make two the same

You see the way I see it is.....do you really want the same toy as everyone else? Or would you like one designed with little hands in mind and as special as you are